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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prevailing LOVE

How can we love our mothers when they act so, so...infuriating?
How can we respond with kindness when they point out something they feel needs to be changed...like our hairstyle, wardrobe, friends or habits?
How can we sense the genuine love and concern behind their critical comments?

The only answer I know:  
We love because JESUS first Loved us!

I've long wondered how women love unconditionally if they don't know the Unconditional Love of Christ.  I suppose some pull it off and sustain fairly healthy relationships apart from HIM, but I sure couldn't.  Left to my own devices, my bruised ego and personal insecurities caused me to react with either shame or anger when my mother would criticize me.  But GOD. 

Once I welcomed Him in to be the center of my life and trusted His love for me, I was able to serve her with kindness and breeze past most of her unappreciated comments.

You see, as is common with many adult children of alcoholics, my home life as a kid reverberated with the tension of my mother's many hurts and emotional wounds.  She was so unhappy with my father and with her life that she often "took it out" on us kids.  How she needed the arms of GOD around her, holding her close!
Her need for acceptance, security and unconditional love reached a crescendo in her later years, during her third marriage after her kids had scattered.

By GOD's Grace, she did find her way to Christ.  Though she couldn't completely give up Vodka, her liquid lover, she found a new peace that sustained her through her final battle with lung cancer.  And on her death bed she asked me why I loved an old lady who had caused me so much pain.  (Check out my post at http://todaysladyvirtue.blogspot.com/2011/05/guest-post-on-celebrating-mothers_23.html) Though I felt pressed in that moment to have a ready answer, the REAL answer is that Christ made it possible!  HIS Love flowing through me!  Thank You LORD!

Is there someone in your life who needs Christ's love and touch?
Maybe it's a friend, acquaintance, family member or even your Mom!
They may be exceedingly difficult to love unconditionally, but Jesus is up to the challenge!
Tap into His Love and see what a difference it makes!

Thanks for stopping by and may you know GOD's Love in abundance today!