Whether your mother is loving or distant, caring or critical, this is a place to stop and reflect about the challenge of that maternal bond.
All daughters and mothers are welcome!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SELF Denial

I can't think of a better crash course in "dying to self"  than motherhood!

Come to think of it, that's why grandparenting is sooooooooo delightful...we get all the joy and much less sacrifice. =)
Those long sleepless nights at the beck and call of your infant, the worries over extreme diaper rash or hacking coughs and high temperatures!  Been there, done that and paid my dues.

BUT, I wish I lived closer to my daughter and Grands to give them some relief, "comic" and otherwise!
As the mother of two boys, she sounds tired but upbeat.  Her husband is precious and Her GOD is faithful.
What a blessing to see my daughter's family following JESUS with their time, talents and treasure.
I am so blessed to be a witness of their faith and thankful to GOD for His mercy to all of us.

Indeed, on this Thankful Thursday I praise GOD for the FRUIT of FAITH, for lives that are being transformed by the power of His Holy Spirit, for the blessings of self-denial.

How about you?

Is there something difficult in your life right now that is exacting all of your patience and endurance?
Are you running out of steam?
Take up your cross and follow HIM!
Press into His Goodness and let His Joy be your strength.
You'll never regret it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's in the Bag!

We give a "mixed bag" of experiences to our kids, don't we?
The best and the worst of us: sometimes heroic, sometimes dictatorial, often times self-absorbed.  Our children are witnesses to our lives...the public and private personas that are "us."

It was a delight for me to see my grown daughter (my 27 year old firstborn) using an eclectic suede bag that my father brought me from South America in the late 1960's.  It was a favored "purse" that I didn't use much and so I gave it to her decades ago.  Watching her carry it on errands, juggling her two little ones, made me wonder about what else she has "saved" from her upbringing and what is useful to her.

In and of myself, I had nothing notable to give to my kids.
Raised in a very dysfunctional family, wounded by conditional love and the hurts of alcoholic parents, I would have undoubtedly passed on the same to the next generation.
But GOD.

When JESUS came into my life in 1978, HE began an overhaul of the damaged parts of my soul...a transformation that continues through this day and until I meet HIM face-to-face.

Because of HIM, I know that the "bag" of behavior and tradition I handed off to my children contains eternally important things like: 
Faith, Hope and Love.

"Thank You Lord for your merciful work
in my life
and for your promises to be with my children
for generations to come!"

How about You...what's in your bag?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Tale of Three Necklaces

Recently I read a quote that went something like this:
The most precious "jewelry" a woman can wear around her neck is her children's arms!

Though I'm not sure if I got the wording right, the sentiment found it's mark in my heart!
Those of you who follow Jewels For The Journey, know that I LOVE jewelry.
As an art major and admirer of all sparkly things, I'm fascinated by jewelry for it's design and bling.
Though I've cultivated this "hobby" for most of my life, I treasure my children and grandchildren even more!
Still, it's fun when my two "LOVES" intertwine, such as in the following:

My Grandma Esta gave me one of her necklaces soon after I was married.  When I wore it, I felt special and professional!  Then one day, while I was walking to the Ferry Terminal in Seattle to go home after work,  I yanked on my sweater and must have loosened the clasp.  Later on the boat, as I was changing into my sweats (I rode a moped from the terminal to our house)  I noticed that the necklace was MISSING.  Frantically, I searched all around the sitting area to no avail ...my heart was grieved.

The lesson GOD taught me as I trudged despondently up the ramp that evening in 1980, has stuck with me ever since.
HE whispered to my sad heart that what was really important to me could never be "lost."
Instantly I sensed that my relationships were far more valuable than treasured jewelry and they couldn't be lost or stolen, unless I was careless to give them up.
Then, just like a loving Father, HE saw to it that the necklace was returned to me the next day!
Even after we called the terminal and were told that nothing like that had been turned into the lost and found.
Thanking Gram for the gift
of such a sweet necklace and
Thanking GOD for such a valuable lesson.

This fun necklace is my very first Mother's Day Gift!  Created by my daughter when she was in pre-school, circa 1987.  It too was "lost"... as she hid it so well in her bedroom to surprise me that we didn't find it until 2 years later when we moved to another house! 
Thank You Katie for this precious, handmade jewel!

Finally, I acquired a charm necklace when my Mother died. 
In the '90s, she had it made with several charms from her travels.  I've given many of her original charms to her sisters and nieces, as I wanted to share her memories with those who miss her like I do.
But, now I've added charms of my own...a sorority pin, the "pin" from my husband's engineering school, a heart, a cross, a vagabond critter, an estribo and sombrero.  Wearable history and oh, so fun!
Thank You Mom for your inspiration. 
You are a glamorous Lady.

So, those are three necklaces that adorn my life,
 but truly the HUGS of my Grands
are the most precious of all!
~ Blessings ~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Eyes Have IT

I was scrolling through my photos today and saw this picture of my Mom.
What fun to see the joy in her eyes! 
This picture was taken at a Ladies' Tea at our church in 2007 when I was privileged to be the speaker.
She had recently battled back from three surgeries on her spine and had no idea that a recurring lung cancer was in her  near future. 
But that was a banner day for her and she was HAPPY! 
Her good friend June had traveled to be with her and they both really enjoyed themselves at the Tea.
It warms my heart to see JOY in her eyes.
Despite our difficulties over the years, she really did love me. And for that I am forever thankful.

Remember... our eyes give away our emotions.
May we strive to let Christ's Love shine through!
Matthew 6:22

Friday, October 1, 2010

Longing For...

unconditional love.

A safe place
to park my heart,
a shoulder to lean on,
a sister to laugh with,
a friend to surprise
and to care for.

People to serve,
a cause to defend,
something to create,
the words to persuade.

Oh LORD, please fill my empty spaces!
Show me what it means to be
"satisfied" and "full."

Nothing in this life can completely
meet my needs except YOU. 
I long to be content.