Whether your mother is loving or distant, caring or critical, this is a place to stop and reflect about the challenge of that maternal bond.
All daughters and mothers are welcome!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Heart for Honor

Choosing to honor my mother was a liberating act!
Oh, I thought I honored her during my childhood. I was well behaved and always tried to take care of her when she was ill or hung-over.  But real honor involves forgiving and blessing some one.
It is a daily choice that has to be made, and then put into practice.

Christ forgave me all of my sins, and commands me to forgive the sins of others.
My Mom was the best person I could choose to forgive, and thus, truly honor!

How about you?  Do you need to forgive your mother?
Can you accept her for who she is, and not hold her to an impossible standard?
Have you experienced the forgiveness of Jesus?
He is only a prayer away.

God bless you as you walk towards healing and forgiveness.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stretch and Bend!

Conflicts are inevitable in this life, especially between mothers and daughters.
Here's an exercise to follow when someone hurts your feelings!  Ready?

Quickly, before you get entrenched in a 'tude, imagine your heart - and then visualize it bending as you think to yourself: "I forgive you."

That's one way to repel thoughts of anger and unforgiveness.
It may sound simple, but in the heat of the moment, this takes intentional focus!

Stretch your will, by choosing to forgive.
At first it might be a struggle.  You know, our humanity is pretty self-centered...
but Jesus can help you.  He modeled true forgiveness for us and His Spirit helps us do the same.
By thinking to yourself, "I forgive you," you are freeing your heart from the pain of unforgiveness.
Yeah!  Keep your heart open and free.

So stretch towards love and bend your heart, do this as many times as needed each day!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Calling All Daughters!

Have you ever struggled in your relationship with your Mom?

Is it too easy to take her "suggestions" as criticisms, and too hard to forgive her for having "loving" opinions?

If so, I need you to spread the word about this blog!

My heart is to encourage daughters to have better relationships with their mothers.  I yearn for mothers and daughters to love each other, and stop comparing each other to an impossible standard. Amen?

Actually, my desire is to share how forgiveness and unconditional love, set me free to love my mother despite all the pain between us.  It's a heart-warming story about how a Great God, enabled me to love and serve my Mom the last four years of her life.

Here's where you come in...
I'm just about finished with my book, and I need a platform (you know, that buzz word that means "people's attention") in order to catch the eye of a publisher. 

So, I will get busy writing on this blog if you will get busy inviting gals to check it out and follow!  Deal?

See you here tomorrow, and thanks from the bottom of my HEART!  Really!!!