Whether your mother is loving or distant, caring or critical, this is a place to stop and reflect about the challenge of that maternal bond.
All daughters and mothers are welcome!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Bottle for Tears

Tears of sorrow,
Tears of shame,
Tears of joy,
Tears brimming with hope,
Tears of true humility...

Each of our tears matters to GOD.
HE made us for fellowship
and He cares about our feelings.

My Sweet friend Becky gave me this precious jar
on the eve of my daughter's wedding in 2005.
She knew the tears I would shed were priceless.

"You keep track of all my sorrows,
You have collected all my tears
in Your bottle."

How about you?
What brings tears to your eyes?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking for...

No mother is perfect...
we all do the best that we can.
Not until a woman has children of her own,
does she appreciate how difficult
the act of mothering is... 
trying to meet so many needs!

Only GOD can meet the deep
emotional, mental and spiritual
needs of children...
that's why HE is our loving and faithful
Heavenly Father!

My mother was a very wounded child.
She was a very unhappy mother.
Though she failed to connect with her children
in so many ways,
she left a BIG mark on our lives
and a BIG hole when she died.
Her greatest legacy: 
She was a wonderful grandmother!

I still crave unconditional love...
something she couldn't give me
because she never knew it.

How about you?
What did you need from your Mom
that you must trust GOD for?
He longs to meet us at our point of need...
He is the lover of our souls.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh How She Loved...


Whenever I wanted to bless my Mom,
I looked for a book to buy her.

She would often read the NY Times Book Reviews,
order a book and then tape the review inside the
front cover.

I'm not sure where this love of the printed word
came from.  But I do know this:
though she never had the opportunity
to go to college, she relished
the challenge of learning.

As some of you know who visit me at
Jewels For The Journey,
I have been "digging out" the clutter
in my office that has accumulated
during the past year. 

And last week I came across a very special box!
Inside I found several books
I had given my mother over the years.

Any of you recognize the sweet, pink book by Joan Walsh Anglund?
It was copywritten in 1960
and I gave it to Mom in 1970.
Those precious illustrations recall a far more
innocent time and trigger happy memories.

And this is one of the last books I gave her.

Here is how I inscribed it:

May our Faithful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
see you through this  difficult time of  recuperation.  
Love always!
 “Do not grieve, 
for the Joy  of the Lord
                       is your strength.”                     
Jeremiah 8:10
Do you love books too?
Share some of your favorites with us!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Aprons are not as common as they were in the mid 1900's but they are still very useful for...
protecting one's clothes, drying one's hands and attaching one's children!
No doubt you've heard the expression, "Cut the apron strings" which refers to releasing one's offspring into society...to sink or swim, falter or fly.  What a hard thing to do!

As more of my friends lament their children's departure for college, and others prepare for weddings and the birth of grandchildren, I'm keenly aware of the "letting go" process.  In fact, since the month of September marks the beginning of school in many places, with a multitude of  kids going off to kindergarten or freshman year, shouldn't we recognize the grieving Moms left behind? 

Maybe we could proclaim a national holiday sponsored by the Kleenex Corporation to honor those struggling to "cut their children loose."  How about a "Good Job! Mom" Holiday filled with roses and balloons and CHOCOLATE.  Are you with me?

My two children are only 20 months apart in age, so when my daughter was driving and working at a fast food restaurant, my son was right behind her.  He even landed a job at the same restaurant and many evenings they would be working the same shift.  Often, my husband and I went for ice cream so that we could sit and "watch" our kids!  Pretty pathetic ...and fattening!  I think the rest of the staff got a kick out of us, though we may have embarrassed our children a bit (not intentionally mind you).

When I was struggling with my emptying nest, a dear friend who was many years my senior sent me the following.  It really helped me and maybe it will help you or someone you know.

Questions To Grow On ~
by Janet Hitchman

Where have you felt the touch of the Lord the strongest?
In the protected harbor, or on the open sea?
Does the soft breeze challenge you to grow?
Or the storm that blows you from the security of home?
Is it time to let the young eagle fly, so it can strengthen it's wings?
Or continue to carry it on your back?

Interesting how the Lord uses the trials and traumas in our lives
to draw us closer to HIM!
His desire is to use us for His Glory...
And the Giants of the faith are those who go through the crucible of fire.
He is always with us and will never forsake us!
Praise to His Glorious Name!

As a Mom, my job is to raise my children to love and trust their Heavenly Father.
Then comes the day when they need to walk with Him apart from my steadying
hand and tethering apron strings.  Just as the umbilical cord was cut at birth, so I have to release my grown children to their own lives.  Not an easy task, but so fulfilling with the right perspective.
It's not that we stop dancing with our kids, it's just that the tempo and footwork change!
I'm still learning this new dance, how about you?