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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Love of a LDG!

I came across this photo today...my mother-in-law welcoming my 6 year old daughter in 1989.
Because we settled across the country, she was relegated to being a LDG: long distance grandma.
She lived in New Jersey and we lived in the Seattle area.  We tried to get "home" at least once a year.
Though she had several children and grandchlidren living in town, she missed our family in a way I could not have understood until now...

Now that I am a LDG!

Looking at the tender intensity of her hug, caught on film, I relate completely to the sense of joy in seeing a grandchild after months of absence.  I relate to the sense of longing that we were closer.  I imagine that she prayed for GOD to move us closer...I know that I pray that way for my children and grands.

"LORD, please bless LDG's in a special way!  Thank you for the miracles of technology like email and Skype.  May your perfect will be done in each of our lives. Amen."


  1. HI Jessica,
    what a sweet picture that is.........and yes,
    you can tell she is in Heaven!

    I feel for all the long distance parents and grandparents, It is a very hard thing.......
    I remember only too well when Scott was living in Kentucky and what a long long trip it was and it felt like they were just so far away.
    So I can only imagine how it is when the babies are growing so fast, but we are surely better off than our parents at least there is skype and digital cameras and email, so that has to help some.

    But you are right I think they need special grace for sure............

    Hope you are feeling much better........
    come by and see me tomorrow afternoon I have
    a surprise for you.

    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  2. Congratulations,
    and You are very welcome!
    Enjoy it hon,
    Love ya, Nellie

    It is raining here!
    Oh,Did you hear about the 5.9 earthquake in Va. today, many places in D.C. were evacuated.
    I was wondering what decision they made about
    Israel today??? I think the Lord is rattling the cage of the seat of our government.
    It sure needs rattling that is for sure!

    Blessings, Nellie