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Friday, June 6, 2014


What if there was a new reality show where all the contestants demonstrated Forgiveness?  Let's say the format revolved around recounting instances when folks forgave others and experienced the release of joy and freedom which comes with the true act of overlooking another's faults.  How uplifting would that be?

Forgiveness is something we desperately need.
After all, "to err is human," and we certainly mess up from time to time!
The dilemma is in extending forgiveness when we've been wronged.
It's so challenging when we're hurt, to let go of the grievance, whether small or large.
Hanging on to insults, affronts or thoughtless actions is so much easier.

But then GOD shows us a better way to live in the life and work of His Son, JESUS.
For Love, Jesus endured the torture of the cross and paid for our sins.
His example encourages us let go of bitterness and resentment.
His HOLY SPIRIT enables us to overlook and forgive.

My book "The Mother Gap" is a memoir of learning to love and accept one of the most important people in our lives...our mothers.

It's available on Amazon, so check it out!

~ Live Loved, and Forgive ~

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