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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Two nights ago my pregnancy center hosted it's annual fundraising GALA.
So exciting, so exhausting!
The evening was wonderful with glamorous centerpieces, glorious music from my church choir, delicious food and loving fellowship among the well dressed guests.

Our speaker, Sol Pitchon from New Life Services, gave an anointed message about his extraordinary story.  Both of his parents are Holocaust survivors and it is truly a miracle that he was ever born.  Now he oversees a large ministry in southeast Florida in an attempt to rescue women and babies from abortion.

Thankfully, ALL of the details and logistics for the event came together...only by God's Grace.
Indeed, I had so many "balls in the air" that I doubted I could catch them all.  BUT God, by His Spirit, enabled me to field the details almost as if I had a butterfly net and was scooping them up and placing them in order!

A poignant part of the evening for me was that I chose to wear a dress that I had purchased for the 2004 Banquet.  I mean, it's always good to recycle, right?   Well, I had both the dress and jacket shortened so they felt "new" and then added a headband with a crystal bow for punch. 

You see my Mom was with me when I originally picked out this dress.
I guess the "missing" never goes away.
So thankful for the happy memories...what a treasure they are!

The "hand-me-downs mentioned in the title?"... Her love of jewelry.
While on this earth, she was certainly a classy lady!

And her gumption to make a difference! 
          Thank you Mom.


  1. Hi Jess,
    So glad everything came together so nicely for your fundraiser and that it turned out to be such a gala event. Bet you looked pretty in your silver headband and newly redesigned dress.
    that is a nice memory of your Mom.
    Bet you are happy that you can take a bit of a break, before you break!! lol
    Blessings for a nice restful weekend,

  2. Hi! Jess, so happy to hear from you! How Special was this, that the event sounded awesome~ and made it more awesome~ with special memories! Love It!! Just Beautiful!!

  3. Glad the event turned out great and that it was for a great cause. My mom is into jewelry too. We have a little different taste but she always looks very put together.

  4. Would love to see some pictures of you in the special dress! hint-hint! :)

  5. Yes! I'd like to see a picture too. Think I saw that headband somewhere and thought it was a great idea--so youthful! Well, I have a black velvet dress I wore 13 yrs ago for my parent's 50th anniversary. I tried it on recently and I'm going to try to wear it during this holiday season. It's long...with a slit up the front. I'm a LOT older now...hopefully I can pull it off!

    I know you miss your mom. I can't even imagine.