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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ladies in the Mirror

Mom and me, circa 1979 ~ Colorado
I guess it boils down to imprinting.
Just as a newborn chick waddles after the first moving object it sees upon hatching, so our mothers imprint on us!
A definition for imprinting: (n) A learning process occurring early in the life of a social animal in which a behavior pattern is established through association with a parent or other role model.

In so many cases we struggle to differentiate ourselves from our mothers only to be like them the older we get!  Hmmmm...I see my mom more and more in the little gestures that I make...automatic responses to situations, both happy and sad.

When I recognize her in the way I spontaneously hold my hands,
it surprises me.

Then I miss her.
Yet, I carry her in my heart
as well as in my gestures.

Who is that woman in the mirror? 
A reflection of the generation that passed
and a glimpse of the one taking the stage...
I wonder in what ways
my daughter will mirror me?

"LORD, help us to mirror YOU!
Your Love is selfless and unconditional.
Please mold us by Your Spirit
into our best selves!"


  1. My hands have definitely turned into my mother's hands, in gestures and looks. I only hope to be remembered with such love.
    Enjoyed the post Jess!

  2. Hi! Jess, sweet post, and I find my self saying all the little quoates my mom said. It seems they just kinda stuck and I will tell my sister...... "Now Mom would say"........ and my sister will say back~ yeah she would say that! Thank You Lord, for the patterns that you created!! Have awonderful Sunday!(BTW~ I did not know about your trip, just missed it, but glad you had a safe and fun trip, and that pic of you and your mom is so precious.

  3. I'm so much like my mother it's scary sometimes.

  4. ps I forgot to say your big beautiful smile has never changed Jess! And I see the look of love all over your mom's face!