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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Winner!

Early this morning, Hubby drew from the names of contributors in my first Give-a-way.  Out of a pretty kitchen bowl, one name was selected...
I'm delighted to announce that he drew out Rebecca's name from Life & Godliness.
What fun!   She has fond memories of a special relative who used to play the accordion and we are excited to send her off one of my books with Hubby's accordion music.

To the other participants, thank you for sharing your thoughts about why motherhood matters.
Each of you shared uplifting, encouraging insights into the most important job of all...nurturing and educating the next generation!  Thank you for caring about motherhood and for loving your own children so much!

Maternal Blessings and Joy for the Journey!


  1. Congratulations, Rebecca! You'll LOVE the book and the Music CD...lots of fun! My adult children were dancing to the tunes as we heard the story and listened to the music! :)

  2. yes you will love it. I've had for a while now and my grands enjoy it and the music!! Congratulations Rebecca!