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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Blessing of Understanding

Wednesday last week was my Mother's birthday.  It still seems so odd not to be able to call her or send a present with a card.  She stepped into heaven 2 years and 10 months ago and left a big whole in my life.

Though she wouldn't want to be back here facing worldly challenges, her family misses her and is still learning to cope with the void she has left.

At present I am confronted with uncertainty on many fronts: unemployment, leaving my home and two cracked ribs; and so I've been thinking about how my Mom coped with years of pain and unhappiness.
Above all else, my Mom was a survivor!

She endured long lasting emotional and physical pain better than anyone I know.  And as I age, and deal with similar trials and testing, I appreciate more what she went through. 
Isn't that usually the case?

How quick we are to form judgements or strong opinions about another's responses to life's difficulties, when we have no idea the depth of their struggles or the toll their trials have taken on their souls! 

"LORD, help me to grow in compassion
for all I meet. 
May I never minimize a person's struggle,
especially when I have never experienced a similar trial. 
Please give me Your eyes
to see the heart of those who cross my path
and Your patience to minister grace and care."


  1. In the midst of some relational struggles with both our moms, I have found myself praying for more compassion, more grace, more forgiveness and more understanding on my part. They are 20+years ahead of me in this march called "life". Sometimes the care-giving gets overwhelming...in my case not so much the physical, but the emotional aspects of it. I need to remember that I haven't been a widow, I haven't been legally blind, I didn't have the dysfunctional upbringing or lived through The Great Depression, on and on...Life takes a toll...I have tried to visualize what my life would be like without them...for me, for my husband...and I just don't know yet. Thanks for sharing the healing that has taken place in you Jessica and in your relationship with your mom. It's all to help us love better and grow in grace, isn't it?

    WHAT? 2 cracked ribs??? Is that from all the coughing???

  2. Hi! Jess, hope this finds you feeling better, see we did not know you were in trouble, when I checked on you last week, You did not say that you had this prob! and the post is so sweet! I again miss my Mom, she had a Birthday on the Jan. 25, she would have been 85! WoW! time is passing so fast! but just enjoy today! Love, Prayers, and Blessings for the changes that are coming to you! God is Already There!!

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    A hearty amen to that prayer!!
    Hope you will be feeling better soon, we are sure praying for a very quick recovery of these ribs.
    Still can't believe that happened from coughing or sneezing!! Amazing!
    course, I threw my back out sneezing once, and the Dr. says it happens all the time.
    Life is certainly interesting at times...........
    is all I can say!!
    See ya tomorrow hopefully,
    Love ya, Nellie

  4. Great post!

    I am hoping to become a more empathy filled person. Empathy is more than just feeling badly about someone else's problems. It is feeling what that person feels as well and then doing something about it. Maybe its prayer, or support, or a helping hand. Empathy goes beyond feelings. Sympathy just makes you feel badly. I think we have more compassion for people as we move away from sympathy and to empathy. That is what I hope to do.

    I love your prayer and I say Amen and Amen!