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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Memories, mementos, displaying the cherished things of a Loved one...dishes, pictures, furniture...all from my mother.  How she enjoyed these things that she had collected over the years!  Objects of art, objects of comfortable function, each one giving her delight...now adorn my new home, drawing her memory near.

She would approve and smile, maybe adjust their placement a tad, but she would be happy to see her "history" live on.

I'm so grateful to GOD for the sensitivity to appreciate not only her importance in my life, but her feelings as well.

How about you?
What things of your mother's tickle your fancy?  Do you own something that was once hers?
Please share your heart ~


  1. Jess, My mother is still living. While I gratefully "own" many of her possessions (such as the chairs in my game room and other home decor), what I cherish the most is time spent with her.

    When I enter my kitchen in the mornings, I picture my mother, Little Mama, buzzing as a bee. Dishwasher unloaded. Check! Sippy cups filled. Check! Breakfast for four grandchildren, one son-in-law, and one beloved daughter underway. Check!

    Just as in Robinson Crusoe, I call my mom, "Friday." She's my right-hand woman! On the other-hand, I refer to myself as "Monday." I always seem to carry an extra workload like on Mondays. :)

    I pick up the phone to ring my mother. When she answers I exclaim, "Where's Friday when I need her? When I walked into my kitchen my dishes weren't unloaded!?!" Then we fall into a fit of laughter and share stories about my 5 kiddos (chock full of "all the details!").

    Thank you, Jess, for the opportunity to share about my precious mother. Furthermore, thank you for the positive way you honor your mother and keep her memory alive. It's a joy to read your blog!

    Love in Christ,

    Shannon :)

  2. Awww, Shannon...Thank YOU for sharing about your precious relationship with "Friday," your Little Mama. I praise GOD for the mother/daughter relationship as bitter sweet as it sometimes is. Blessings Dear One~ Jess

  3. Sometimes my relationship with my mom is challenging...probably because we are so much alike in many ways! From time to time I try to visualize life without her here...we talk on the phone at least once a day, sometimes more, and see each other several times a week. In many ways my mom is a better grandma than she was a mom when we were growing up. She got married young, had 7 kids, and some other challenges along the way, and brought a dysfunctional growing up of her own into the mix. She's older and wiser now, though there are still remnants of of emotional damage that come out from time to time. But she truly IS an EXCEPTIONAL grandma/great-grandma and in those ways I try to emulate her! She's already given me some of her "stuff"... several things that were HER mother's. I have a gateleg table, an iron lamb cake mold, and a few other things I treasure. But like Shannon said, the relationship is the main thing to treasure!

  4. Keep loving as you do Jacque, and treasure every minute, because one day she will probably go ahead of you to Heaven and leave such a BIG Hole.