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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Box of Blessing

When my mother died almost three years ago, I thought that my care giving ended and that I would never be able to do anything for her again.  Not so! 

Even though I helped pack up her "stuff" one last time and assisted my stepfather in his move out west, there was still an important task I needed to address, a job she left for me to do.

Yet, life's busyness distracted me soon after her memorial service in 2008, as my husband tore his Achilles tendon just as I was called back to direct a local non-profit ministry.
So, as I cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago (in the process of moving), I was surprised to see a box  marked in Mom's handwriting and designated for the American Cancer Society.

Not knowing exactly where that office is or their abbreviated hours, I decided to take the box to the radiologist that had treated my mother with such kindness during her last cancer battle.  Dr. Graham in Orange City will always hold a place of esteem in my heart and his staff was particularly attuned to Mom's many "ups and downs."

With no time to reminisce or grieve that Friday, for the movers were packing up the moving van and we were headed out of state, I grabbed the box and headed for Dr. Graham's office.  They were so pleased to see me and immediately mentioned my Mom and how they always enjoy the singing Santa she gave the office at Christmas time because "he" reminds them of her!

What a Blessing!
To know that she is remembered so kindly, even when her last days were filled with fear and pain that spilled over to those around her...still her thoughtfulness is remembered!

And the box...contained a couple of breast prosthesis's that she wanted to share, not waste, as she would no longer need them! 
What a reminder to me that some day, I too will leave behind my woundedness and worldly crutches to put on the immortal and live with my Savior forever!!!

How precious it was for me to go on this additional errand for her...and to think that maybe it wasn't the last!


  1. Morning Jess,
    Beautiful post, being able to do those last things for our loved ones, are indeed such a blessing and closure to our relationship on this earth, but so wonderful to know it does not all end here. It is great to know your Mom is remembered by those at the Drs. office, she made an good impression on them, and what a wonderful legacy that is and that the Lord allowed you to know that, even after several years of her departure. God is so good!!
    Like your new blog background!! Looks Great!
    Have a Wonderful day my friend,
    Love ya, Nellie

  2. Hi! Jess, hope this finds you doing well! I know you have been a bit busy lately!(to say the least I'm sure) but this was a sweet post! and no~ our duty is to look for things to do for our Mama's! I love it! Hope you have a Blessed and peaceful week!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful story. My father recently passed from cancer and I can remember my mom telling me about the kind nurses who were at so many appointments. I have a goofy hat that some nurses gave him during chemo. They loved his sense of humor and thought he was just silly enough to wear it. My dad made them laugh through his pain. Now I laugh ever time I see the hat. It helps.

  4. Wonderful post, dear friend! Thanks for reminding me this morning to check out your blog-site again! :) Remembering your Mom with you. And how very special that you found this little box while preparing to move to your new home...and for taking the time to hand-deliver it to exactly where it was supposed to go....the blessings go on! :) Running errands can be such a joy, when we are looking for opportunities to be used of God. And when there are sweet memories attached, that's an added bonus! Love you! ----Michelle