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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Than A House Coat

At first glance, just a tired, dated house coat.
The colors faded from hundreds of washings, the style dating back to 1983.
How can I remember the age of an otherwise non-descript article of clothing?
Funny what the heart holds on to.

I purchased this house coat soon after my first child was born.
Pink, in honor of my baby daughter, and well constructed from a classy catalogue.
Now, I must admit that I haven't always fit into this piece of leisure ware but I've held on to it through the years...27 to be exact!

When it first arrived by mail (to our cabin in the woods on Bainbridge Island), it cheered my spirits...made me feel "pretty," and received numerous baby nuzzles with a fair amount of infant "spit-up."  Oh, those days of early motherhood!  For me they were intimidating and magical all together.  I was responsible for Katie's complete care and well being and I took my role so seriously.  Praise GOD, He was there to grant me wisdom and peace as I adjusted to her changing routines and learned patience and endurance through those early colicky months.

Another child followed twenty months later, and again this house coat served me well.  Yet as the children grew, it was relegated to the back of the guest room closet, only to be tried on when my weight dropped, granting me some diet encouragement.

Fast forward twenty two years and many moves.  GOD brought our family to Florida, and my mother ended up living only a few miles away from me.  At some point in 2004, she expressed the need for a house coat and my thoughts returned to the sweet little "coat" hanging in the lonely back closet.  She was delighted when I brought it out and wore it faithfully the last four years of her life!

It certainly made her feel "presentable" when we visited; and seemed to comfort her despite the pain caused by lung cancer.  It even seemed to cheer her during times of chemo recovery . 

Maybe, she treasured it because of its "history." 
From daughter to mother, blessing granddaughter too!

Thank you for sharing this walk down memory lane with me. 
Since I recently moved and downsized, I'm confronted with so many "tucked away" treasures that I really don't have room to store.  So, what should I do? 

Should I keep it intact for my daughter to deal with someday, or maybe cut out the bodice to make a pillow?
Hmmmm...if she ever has a daughter, it would be so fitting to pass it down...just thinking.


  1. I think a pillow is a lovely idea. You would still have it as a memory but it would not be just taking up space.

  2. Hi Jess,
    I think a pillow is a great idea, and then it would be something useable, that would remind you of Katie and your Mom.
    Hope things are going well hon,
    Love ya, Nellie

  3. what sweet memories wrapped up in that housecoat! I think you should make a pillow from it and pass the memories on!