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Friday, March 2, 2012

Heavenly Jewelry

If you could choose what to wear into heaven, what would it be?
Would you pick a cherished ball gown from a memorable cruise, a tailored suit or your favorite pair of skinny jeans?
Would you dance into GOD’s presence in padded slippers or stiletto heels?
If you had a choice, would you greet Him without adornment or decked out in your most expensive jewelry?

Of course these are silly questions. We can’t select anything of this world to take with us into Heaven. The perishable cannot enter the eternal. Yet, I couldn’t resist the thought that GOD was adorning my mother in a special way the day we laid her body to rest.

You see, Mom was so classy. She was an Alfred Dunner type of woman, casually chic, with a little bohemian bent! And she loved to wear her jewelry, often pairing two gold necklaces together. One of her trademarks was a classic 18K gold, link bracelet which "clinked" as it slapped the surface of table tops whenever she put pen to paper. Earrings were an essential to frame her face and bring light to her eyes! Never would she leave the house without adornment on her ears or color on her lips, pre-requisites I’ve carried on. Appearance meant a lot to her, especially having climbed the corporate ladder with my father in the 1950’s and 60’s. Ever the “lady,” the way she presented herself always made me proud to be her daughter.

However, none of this was on my mind the day of her funeral when I purchased 13 white, pearlescent helium balloons. My intention was for friends and family to release them in her memory before we left the grave site. Supplying black markers, I invited those in attendance to write a farewell sentiment on their balloon if they desired. Then we released them into the balmy April afternoon and they rose together in a string of beauty!  Perfectly spaced, the balloons inscribed with our caring thoughts formed the shape of a glorious pearl necklace sent to adorn her. The “necklace” maintained its gentle curve against the deep blue sky all the way until it faded from view. It whispered peace to my heart. Even in this small detail, GOD was showing me how much He loved her…how much He loved me!

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  1. wow, that is an amazing idea you had...wondering why 13? You are so thoughtful Jess.