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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is Your LIFE in His HANDS?

LIFE is so uncertain.
Yet we often coast through our days, taking people and blessings for granted.

Last weekend I drove 600 miles by myself to visit with family.  The trip involved an appointment with an estate attorney, because my father was turning 85.  What a reminder that life speeds by so quickly!
I needed the strength of the LORD to get me through a very emotional few days, and He used a song by singer Kathy Troccoli..."My Life Is In Your Hands"...to bolster me.

How grateful I am, that I can run to GOD for support and comfort.  How blessed I am to believe wholeheartedly that even though all else fails, HE is with me and loves me.
May you know that same kind of Love and Grace!

Here are the words to her song:

Life can be so good

Life can be so hard
Never knowing what each day
Will bring to where you are

Sometimes I forget
And sometimes I can't see
That whatever comes my way
You'll be with me

My life is in your hands
My heart is in your keeping
I'm never without hope
Not when my future is with you

My life is in your hands
And though I may not see clearly
I will lift my voice and sing
Cause your love does amazing things
Lord, I know, my life is in your hands

Nothing is for sure
Nothing is for keeps
All I know is that your love
Will live eternally

So I will find my way,
And I will find my peace
Knowing that you'll meet my every need!

When I'm at my weakest love
You carry me
Then I become my strongest love
In your hands!


  1. Beautiful lyrics. I have enjoyed reading through your recent posts. God has so much good in store for you. Bless you.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful!
    When we are weak, HE is strong.
    He promised He will NEVER leave us, nor forsake us. He is by our side every moment of every day.
    Here's a quote that ministered to my heart the other day: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." :) Love you, sweet friend!

  3. Oh....and I LOVE the picture...the girl reflected in the sunglasses of the other young girl (Is that Katie?) ...So fun!! :)

  4. I'm trying to get back to blogland...! Our SC kids are 500 miles away and I doubt that I could drive it by myself...as much as I wish I could! Life IS short! Glad you made it safe and sound and had the comfort of our Heavenly Father to travel with you!