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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Already?

Dear Ones,

How are you doing with all your Christmas preparations?
Somehow the season has taken me by surprise!
How is it possible that the first week in December has come and gone?
Oh, how I'd like to enjoy this annual celebration of Christ's First Advent.
I tell myself that it's not too late...maybe I can factor in some rest and reflection...how about you?

Of course I'm hosting a staff party tonight for my Pregnancy Center Volunteers,
then another party for the Board of Directors next week and attending various get togethers for my husband's ministries. Oh, to keep my eyes on Christ!

And enjoy the real meaning of this festive month.

Anticipating a great blessing in just 14 days!
Daughter Katie and her family will be joining us which means we will have
GRANDCHILDREN in the house!
My heart will be soooooooooooo full...I can't wait.

Praying for you to know the best blessings of Christmas
the Love, Peace and Hope
found in Jesus Christ.


  1. I am excited for you to have grandbabies in the house. Chldren make Christmas much more exciting. I am a little behind with all my Christmas to-do's and a little lacking in Christmas spirit this year. I hope it all kicks in soon.

  2. Hi! Jess, oh! yes~ it's moving fast and here I went back to work! So on my days off I have to get in high gear...But I have enjoyed so much this Holiday Season preparing for Christmas! Am going to my brothers Sat. for our get to gather w/siblings in honor of our parents! Lovin Life! Thank You Jesus for Life! Sweet Blessings for a great Wednesday:) Love that nativity set!

  3. It seems that each year Christmas comes faster and faster...but that's a good thing! I love this time of year! We're going to have a busy time of it this year...our son will be visiting for 3 weeks, we'll be celebrating my dad's 90th birthday and then my granddaughters 5th birthday...Christmas day itself with all of the joys that day holds...and then several days in the mountains to enjoy a white Christmas with family. God is so good! I pray that you and your family enjoy a blessed Christmas and holiday season!

    Living for Him, Joan

  4. I can't believe it either. I usually keep a journal day by day starting with Thanksgiving through New Years because I don't want to forget a thing...I'm at least 3 weeks behind in everything...not for lack of spirit...more lack of time and energy...but Christmas will come and I don't want to miss it!