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Friday, December 24, 2010

Under My Roof!

I woke up at 4:00am and made a cup of tea.
It is Christmas Eve morning and I am thrilled to have both of my children and both of my grandchildren under my roof!
They've all come "home" for Christmas!
From busy lives and dizzy schedules, they hopped on planes and braved the crowds, all to spend this wonderful time of year with their folks.  And my heart overflows!

This Christmas is extra special, as it is the last one we will ever spend in our cozy home in Central Florida.
After 11 1/2 years, GOD is moving us on and He hasn't told us where yet!
Surprises are fun and this one will be a particular delight...when we find out where we are moving to.

But for this moment, I have all my chicks gathered and even if my head won't clear from the fog of a nasty cold, I will enjoy every moment...reading books to my 4yo grandson, doing puzzles, playing dominos, baking Christmas cookies, snuggling with my 6 month old grandson, watching movies and singing songs!

~ This grandmother's heart is full ~


  1. Happy Christmas Day to you! And Yes! nothing like Family! Love it! Love and Blessings!

  2. Ahhh, yes, all the kids "under our roof" is so very sweet indeed! We also are enjoying having everyone home for Christmas....and a brand-new son-in-law too! :) Playing puzzles, munching on snacks, watching movies and chatting about anything & everything! It is very wonderful indeed! Merry Christmas! --John & Michelle & the Gang here in Washington

  3. see how behind I am? what a lovely post! A great memory for me was the year Elylah was born. Andy & Ellie were here for Christmas from SC and she was 7 months pregnant. We got the call in the middle of the night Christmas Eve that my other d-i-l Joanna was going into labor 3 weeks early. It was so totally unexpected that she would be born on Christmas Eve, my FAVORITE day of the entire year...and that we were all here together! Now that was a GOD thing! Elylah was totally full term with no problems of coming a little "early". AND I finally got a little girl in my life! I just KNOW you will look back on this time and say "God had it all under control and He is amazing!"