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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Greatest of These is...


No matter how you slice it...it always comes down to a decision.
We have to decide to Love for the long haul.
~ ~ ~
Oh sure, there is the sizzle of romantic love,
the heart-filling comfort of sisterly love,
and the reassuring security of maternal love,
but even these come down to a

Because people change
and make selfish mistakes. 
Loved ones get hurt and then are hurtful.
People are people and we are prone to
blame, shun and  justify.
"LORD, help us!"

And Life circumstances affect the
maternal bond as well.
~ ~ ~
We have to continually decide to forgive
and extend grace. 
~ ~ ~
To love even when we don't feel like it,
because it pleases our Father in Heaven,
and brings a harvest of Grace.
~ ~ ~
One afternoon, when my mother was dying,
 I sat by her side as she lay in bed,
stroking her arm
and telling her I loved her.
After a few moments, she surprised me with these words:
"Why do you love an old woman
who has caused you so much pain?"

Oh my, I was not prepared for that question
and have often wondered what I would have
answered if given some warning
and time to prepare.

But without skipping a beat, I heard myself say...
"Because you are my Mom
and I LOVE my Mom."

She was silent and calm, receiving my words
and my heart was so glad that
I had made the decision to depend on God
for the Love I wanted to show my mother.
A decision I was to affirm time and again.

How precious and difficult those last days were.
How utterly faithful was GOD
to wrap us both in His Grace.

The Bible tells us the following:
"And now these three remain:
Faith, Hope and Love.
 But the greatest of these is Love."

Check out Chapter 13 of 1st Corinthians, known as the "Love Chapter."
If we take Paul's words seriously, we'll be better at making the decision to



  1. Having that time with your mother was a gift. God, by His Spirit, is able to do healing that no one else can touch. Relationships have challenges because of our own sinful nature. The more Christ-like we become (and learning to love as He does), the easier to genuinely love others. ~Kristine

  2. Jess, I am trying to add a profile pic but it's not taking. Love~Kristine

  3. Kristine, keep trying, it WILL work!
    Thank you for your insights. You are so right about becoming more like Christ. Though I have a loooong way to go, God still graces my willingness to love as He Loves.
    Have a great week!